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Welcome to "former" Los Angeles Police Officer Carl Lee-McGill's criminal justice website and guestbook.
To leave a message here you must have a real email address and a social media page (Facebook or other using your name), so I can know who you are. As we know cowards use fake names to post racist and derogatory comments, and such comments will be prevented from posting here. So if you can't distinguish from good cops versus bad and want to post negativity, it won't happen here. As you see from the pages posted here, fighting against police abuse has been a long fight before Ferguson and Baltimore incidents. My career had been dedicated to police reform and helping good people, citizens and cops. Yes, cops are people too. What you read here are example to what happens to police officers who take the right side over the dark-side of the badge. It is hard to tell it all, but I will try and explain what I can in such a limited forum as this website. I also try to answer viable questions.

Thank you, and may peace be with you!
Carl Lee-McGill
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